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Frequently asked questions FAQ

What is the objective of the Ourense Economic Observatory?
The main objective of the Ourense Economic Observatory (OEOU) is to collect and organize the most relevant socioeconomic and demographic information, both in the province of Ourense and in the different counties that make it up, with the aim of enabling and facilitating diagnostic processes from of the evolution of reality.
How is the provincial and regional reality reflected?
Through a set of indicators capable of reflecting the reality and demographic and socio-economic evolution of the province and county, the OEO allows us to understand the specific situation of each territory and time; thus becoming a useful tool from which to build the processes of planning future actions by the various social agents as well as assessing the impact of the actions developed.
How can we take into account the current environment, of changing reality in the short term?
The current environment, of changing reality in the very short term, often requires the realization of continuous adjustments, which requires rethinking the content, form, and dissemination of data delivery processes. In response to the challenge, the OEO provides a continuous update, working to facilitate the process of consultation of its indicators by any person or social and / or economic agent interested.